Learn Our Story

The company “Pathos Pro Spearfishing” was originally born from Angelos Michalopoulos who desire to create an innovative speargun. It was based on an idea conceived in 1996 but also stemmed from his love for fishing and the sea.


Pathos : Passion, ancient Greek word denoting an intense and enduring emotion, the irresistible desire that tightly binds the soul This desire stems from the need for transfer of limits and the perception of the world that surrounds it.

The manufacturer’s family, since 1970, has been active in the wider market of marine equipment producing mainly swimming products, such as masks, fins, snorkels, etc.The first speargun was released in 2000, after having been tested by experienced spear fishermen The most critical aspect of the gun and the point of superiority over others was the inverted trigger mechanism. The tests results proved to be spectacular and were further confirmed during the Champions League of Kassos in 2002. Dozens of world champions, that attended the competition tested the new speargun and were impressed by the ergonomics of the anatomic handle as well as the gun’s performance. After a stagnant period of speargun innovation the Pathos technology became the catalyst for an evolution in speargun design. Soon after Pathos and the Italian company Effe-sub initiated a successful collaboration which yielded the sale of more than 12,000 spearguns5,000 handles and countless related accessories in the European market mainly but also worldwide.

Over the years the Pathos speargun has been steadily improving. The embedded driver for the shaft on the rigid pipe, the open muzzle, and the ergonomic handle which also evolved from the D’Angelo I to the D’ Angelo II make the weapon simpler and more functional “Dead lengths” of the spearguns have been eliminated by 17 cm. The reverse trigger mechanism eliminated 7cm of useless space and another 10 cm were removed by utilizing shorter shafts on guns with open muzzles. All Pathos spearguns are equipped with Sandvik stainless steel shafts and floppers, a kind of material characterised by extraordinary hardness and memory.


In 2006, Pathos proved to be a leading innovator in the spearfishing world once again. The goal was to develop a product that would improve a major piece of spearfishing equipment, the fin. The introduction of new materials allowed for the construction of a foot pocket much lighter than the competitors. Combining the advanced technology of design with the power and flexibility of the Pathos foot pocket any blades would perform at their highest level. The superiority of the Pathos foot pockets from other manufacturers was clearly evident upon use.

In 2007 launched LASER series spearguns. A combination of lightweight and powerfull gun was necessary for the advanced spearos. Laser is compact, minimalistic and hydrodynamic. With Laser, pathos also introduceds the D’Angello II handgripand it was the first time that speargun had an inox reverce trigger mecahnism.

In 2014 Pathos launched Sniper and Sniper R spearguns. The idea was very simple. Designing the ultimate gun. Sniper provides the power of a wooden gun but also all the advantages of an aluminum gun. Enclosed track, mild-forming aluminum tube and Sepia floater are some of the innovating aspects of this series of guns.

What we do

Today, our Company provide a full spearfishing product line such as Spearguns wetsuits carbon fins, waterproof equipment bags, foot-pockets, branded clothes accessories and we have local distributors in 64 countries.

Thanks to the owned high quality machinery by our company we are able to manufacture our catalogue products in Greece! Instead of outsourcing abroad. It is something that determines our approach to design and production. Pathos products are designed and produced entirely with the usage ot top quality components. All the materials used for the production of Pathos products come exlusively from EuropeThe United States ans Japan.

Any product created in our facilities is manufactured with care in detail and most importantly, with great passion. Our passion embraces all those who love the sea and fishing with a single breath.



Water, the ancient greek word for water was ὕδωρ (húdōr, “water”). Later, the word νεαρός (nearós, “young, fresh”), brought the word νηρός (nērós, “wet, damp”) and gave birth to the phrase νεαρόν ὕδωρ (nearón húdōr, “fresh water”). A unique story, an endless journey.

From ancient Greece to modern Greece, people have shown their love for this element through proverbs and sayings; e.g «the waters break, we get born». Life begins there, in the water, swimming in the mother’s abdominal sea.

We are talking about it practically, metaphorically as well as scientifically. The most studied chemical compound (H2O), which constitutes both the 71% of the earth’s surface and the 2/3 of the human body.

Without water there is no trace of life; it is a vital need for all animated beings.

We are carbon - we are water!

Neró is water; one of the four elements of nature, along with Fire, Earth and Air.

We decided to manufacture new environmentally friendly products and sensitize people about the importance of water on our planet.

Carbon Neró Blades and Neró complete wetsuit 2mm are not only for freediving lovers, but also for those who desire to discover the underwater world safely.

Neró products are made for people to enjoy life in the oceans, seas, lakes and pools, in complete comfort for the best performance.

So, let’s all become a driving force and develop education plan about the value of water, because none of us is immune to water scarcity.