Stéphane Buisson

Stéphane Buisson
Stéphane Buisson

2009 : 3rd place at National Championship in teams

2010 : 2nd place at Cup of Antibes

2012, 2014 : 2nd place at Nikaia Trophy

2013 : 1st place at Nikaia Trophy

2015 : 1st place at Neptune Cannes Trophy

2017 : 1st place at Ivara Trophy

2018 : 3rd place at Indvidual Championship Cannes

            2nd place at Double Championship Cannes

2019 : 3rd place at Trophy Friuli Marseille

8th participation at Roving cup and best place 7

11th place at National Individual Championship (best place)

2020 : 1st place at “t’en que Captain Palma had nations” in teams

Captain of the National team since 2019

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