Stefano Claut

Stefano Claut
Stefano Claut


2006 2° classified at “Italian Latina Team, Championship”

5° & 6° classified at “Italian Championships of the 2nd category, Civitavecchia”

2008-10-12-13-14-15 at “Absolute Italian Championship in pairs, Bari”

2018 4th place at “Italian 2nd category Championship, Civitavecchia”

2019 8° classified at “Absolute Italian Championship, Marsala-Sicily”

several times provincial and regional champion Friuli-Venezia-Giulia-Veneto

2020 2° classified at “Italian Team Championship, Civitavecchia”


2002-6 at “City Cup International Competition in pairs”, (Lošinj-Croatia)

2009 3rd place at “International Trophy City of Rovinj, Croatia team Omer”

2010-11-12-13-14 at “International Trophy City of Rovinj, Croatia”, (Italian national team)

2015 8th place individual at “European Championship, Cadiz-Spain”

2015-6 2nd & 3rd place in teams Omer-Sporasub international competition Dive-in Trophy Zara (Croa-tia)

& 2nd & 3rd place in teams at the International Memorial Radin Novigrad (Croatia)

2016 Sept. 1st at “Syros Team World Championship”, (Greece)

2017 1° classified at “International Competition Dive, Zara (Croatia)” with team Italy

& 4° classified at “Individual and 3° Team European Championship, Lošinj-Croatia”

2019 European champion and team champion at “European Championship, Denmark”

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