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Master week “Ciutat De Palma 2020 spearfishing”

Master week Ciutat De Palma 2020 spearfishing

The “Ciutat de Palma 2020 Spearfishing Master Week” will be carried out on January 2324 and 25, 2020 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, where 5 competitions will be held.

Our Pathossub Team is ready to compete!

The “Master” is an invitation of competition where, first of all, World Champions, European Champions and Master Champions are allowed to take part. Secondly, the first athletes on the ranking of the last world championship, as well as one member of the “Brands team”, are allowed to compete. The competitions will start from PORTIXOL, and the competition zones will be carried out at the Palma de Mallorca Bay.

Our Pathossub Competition Team will take part in “WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BRANDS COMPETITION” and consists of:

Kostas Makris, from Greece

Oscar Lopez, from Spain

Giacomo De Mola, from Italy

Captain Mirco Ominetti, from Italy

All of them are the winners of the 2019th Master and Giacomo De Mola is the winner of the 2019th Master Individual.

Good luck to our team!