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International open of Tenerife 2020

International open of Tenerife 2020

Saturday, November 28th: the day of the “Spearfishing Open of Tenerife 2020”, as also the Memorial of dear Jose’ Antonio Olmedo.

The weather conditions were good enough for fishing. However, a morning breath, made it difficult for the participants to increase their catches.

At the end of the competition, it was one team which made the difference:

The Pathos athlete Mr Rayco Garcia, competed with a 3-member team, which consisted of Mr Juan Ramon Perez and Mr Angel Cruz!

 They had a catch of 14 fish, 7 species and 1 completed quota, obtaining the biggest catch of the championship: a 2.959 kg sea bass.

 That is why the team gained the cup, totalizing 31.017 points!

Below, we can enjoy some moments of the Spearfishing Competition.

Specifically, we can see Mr Rayco scounting with MEDI WETSUIT, FALCO MASK and SUPREME FINS.

In the main photo, we can see Mr Garcia and Mr Pepe Vina, the Captain of the National Team of Spain, who had the biggest catch.

 A lot of Bravos to all the participants and of course to the champions!

Keep on guys!