Pathos Team

First wave of female strength in our team


All these years men have dominated our team.
Ιt’s time this changed and the beginning has been made by a new athlete full of passion for spearfishing…

The talk is about Ms Alice Ferrari ; a dynamic woman who has unlimited love for the sea from her early age,

Below, we can enjoy her in some photos and read some of her words:

I’m born in Parma the 15/05/1990, and I grew up in Casalmaggiore, a small city close to Cremona, in the north of Italy.
At the age of 9-10, my dad bought me my first speargun; we used to spend a lot of time of the year in Liguria, where we went for every weekend and holiday.
He was not a spearfisher, but he taught me to freedive and to catch some fish for dinner.
Those years have been the best time of my life. After my dad died, 6 years ago, I found our wetsuits, belts and this speargun… and I decided to try again. And so, everything started…!
I completed my first freediving course, and also to course to do agonism here in Italy.
I’m part of the “Circolo Subacqueo Mantovano“.
I started do competitions 3 years ago, and now I gained the 3rd place at the Italian Championship. I’ m also part of the Italian National Team.
I go every weekend in Genova to train and go spearfishing, but I also love, especially in winter, to go in exotic countries for spearfishing (I have been to Thailand, Mexico, Zanzibar…and also Scotland last year).
For my other part of time, I’m the owner of a veterinary clinic, I do especially soft tissues surgery and endoscopic surgery/procedures.
I have always been a competitive athlete, but my real love, before spearfishing, was box. I did it for 7 years, but I had to stop for severe injuries. After this, I competed in “Coppa Italia” of tennis and lots of sports.

Dear Ms Ferrari, we welcome you to our team and we wish you to keep the same and even more enthusiasm and love for the sea!